VIDEO: Noul Audi A8 introduce semnalizarea secvenţială

Noua generaţie Audi A8, ce va fi curând dezvăluită în cadrul Salonului Auto de la Frankfurt, va avea o semnalizare mai specială. Luminile de semnalizare sunt formate din blocuri de LED-uri ce iluminează într-o anumită secvenţă.


Audi has released new details about the 2014 A8, ahead of its debut on August 21st.
Set to grace the stage in Frankfurt, the facelifted model will feature new turn signals that consist of 18 LEDs in the headlights and 24 LEDs in the taillights. When the turn signal is activated, the diodes are sequentially illuminated - from the inside outwards - in the desired turning direction. Audi says this has the "potential to significantly enhance traffic safety" as the lights "provide a visual signal that can be clearly and quickly perceived."

Besides the turn signals, the model will be equipped with modified bumpers, a revised grille and new exhaust finishers. The car will also feature Matrix LED headlights which use 25 individual diodes to deliver the optimal amount of light regardless of the situation.
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